Sales and Events

2nd Annual Sheep and Goat Sale! October 6th 2018 at 2:30 P.M. 

              -at the farm in Sedalia, MO (29612 Pony Path Rd Sedalia, Mo 65301)

170 Ewe Lambs, Select Ram Lambs, 30+ Doelings, and Bucks born May 2018

4 Guardian Dog Pups (Raised from birth with sheep and goats)

No Deworming, No Hoof Trimming, No Shearing

All stock are broke to electric fence. Both the sheep and the goats are accustomed to livestock guardian dogs as well as guard donkeys and often are managed in the same pasture with the cattle in a “flerd”.

This is your opportunity to start a highly profitable small ruminant enterprise without all the issues and work that typically goes with such an enterprise. When you start with Real World Grazing Ruminants (RWGR) you eliminate time 
consuming and back breaking work like deworming, hoof trimming, and shearing. 

Our small ruminant philosophy is simple: low-input, no deworming, no foot trimming, easy keeping, pasture improving stock that benefit and enhance our cattle and land enterprises. For those who  don’t know-hair sheep require no shearing, they shed naturally! The goats, love brush, black locust trees, multi-flora rose bushes and poison ivy. Rotated with the cattle to optimize utilization of all of the natural resources available on our land, small ruminants allow us to utilize multi-species grazing to promote better pasture management and natural fertilization.

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