"36th" Annual Bull Sale-March 25, 2023 - Thank You for Your Confidence in Our Genetics

Private Treaty Bulls & Females 

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With a change in dynamics on our farm, we did not have a bull sale in 2024. We will have Red Angus, South Poll and Composites available at various times during the year. The cattle continue to be raised under the same management techniques of low input, hardy resilient cattle that thrive on fescue pasture. Adding the South Poll influence has provided us even more genetic options for our customers. This breed has been a great compliment to our agriculture enterprise and we look forward to observing the added benefits they provide to our regenerative practices and sustainability. 

We definitely missed seeing everyone on the farm this year, 2024, but know that our friendships are important to us. Feel free to reach out, stop buy or give us a shout anytime!

Blessings to each of you this year!

The Boatright's

The information below is from 2023 and just for reference on our animals 

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Lot 1 - J1

Lot 2 - J6

Lot 3 - J7

Lot 4 - J9

Lot 5 - J19

Lot 6 - J26

Lot 7 - J27

Lot 8 - J34

Lot 9 - J36

Lot 10 - J45

Lot 11 - J47

Lot 12 - J49 this bull is 1/2 RA and 1/2 PH; His pedigree and numbers in the catalog are incorrect. Corrected pedigree and


2023 Catalog click to view catalog

SOUTH POLL bull Pedigree

BULLS: Private Treaty bulls available 2024 

FEMALES: Private treaty females available 2024

Our 36th Annual Bull Sale- Saturday March 25th 2023 at 1:00 P.M. Central Time- 



Read carefully: 

We are excited to welcome friends, cattlemen and family back to Maplewood Acres Farm for our 36th Annual sale. We are excited to continue offering exceptional genetics from Maplewood Acres Farm. 

Anyone who would like, or needs, to participate via phone is very welcome to do so. Please contact us prior to sale day to make those arrangements. 

All of the bulls will be penned accordingly on sale day. WE ARE ENCOURAGING EVERYONE TO CALL AND SET UP A TIME TO VIEW THE BULLS PRIOR TO SALE DAY.  The bulls will be sold by BUYER NUMMBER

The sale will start at 1:00pm central time on Saturday, March 25th.

The following provides the details of this year’s sale and obtaining the genetics that you desire.   

36th Annual Sale Format:

1) Obtain your buyer number by calling/texting (660-287-1341), requesting via email (mboatrig@gmail.com), or in person when you come to view the cattle prior to March 26th or sale day at our farm.

 2)  Our sale will begin at 1:00 p.m. central time on Saturday, March 25th. 

 3)  The sale will be conducted onsite or on phone for anyone who has called to set up this option. 

 4)  Sale order will be by BUYER NUMBER

 5)  Bull purchases can be left at no charge until April 2, 2023. Bulls can remain on the farm after the 2nd for $4.00 per day/head until May 1, 2023. 

 6)  Payment for all purchases should be made sale day and must be received prior to removing animals from the premises.

 7)  For those who have made a bull purchase in the prior three annual sales (2020, 2021, 2022), will receive a $50 sale credit, if payment is made sale day regardless of when your bull is taken home.    

 8) PLEASE NOTE: you can bid: 1) in person, 2) via your phone during the live sale or 3) you can leave a confidential proxy bid prior to sale day with: Matt (660-287-5232), Jennifer (660-287-1341) or David (660-620-4678)

 We want to help you make the selections that best meet your needs and fit your budget.

Matt (660-287-5232)

Jennifer (660-287-1341) 

David (660-620-4678)

Reminders: Join us on Saturday 3/25/2023 for our 36th Annual Sale;                          Call/text, email or stop by for buyer number prior to sale day;                                   Cattle can be viewed at anytime by appointment;                                        Call/text/email any time if you have questions.  

Thank you for 36 years of confidence, we look forward to helping you with your investment from Maplewood Acres Farm!                                                                                              Sincerely,                                                                    

 Matt & Jennifer;                                                                                                             David & Mariah,                                                                                                                 Hannah & Zach                                                   

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