Private Treaty Bulls and Females-Contact us for availability

Genetics That Thrive On Fescue

Red Angus, Polled Hereford, South Poll, Hair Sheep, and Meat Goats

Cows on fescue, Calves without creep, Bulls fat on forage, and Everything broke to electric fence

Make The Switch- To Having Animals That Work For You

1 Resolve To Change

Having animals that you have to work for is exhausting, demoralizing, and a fast track to broke. Its time to make a change!

2 Get Help

We raise our animals to work for you. We want to hear from you about your operation and help you get the right animals so that your operation can go from surviving, to thriving.

3 Make The Change

Enjoy the financial and emotional rewards of having your animals work for you!

Got Weeds?

Convert Them Into $$$ With Sheep and Goats

Genetics That Thrive On Fescue - From A Family That Wants Your Operation To Succeed