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Friends and Family,

          What a unique year 2021 has been-from frigid temperatures to 65 degree days in February and March, Missouri is never dull! As we reflected on the ups and downs of 2020, we are truly grateful for the part each of you played in providing delicious and nutritious food, not only for your families, but for the world. 

            As we are gearing up for our 34th Annual Bull and Female Sale, March 27, 2021 we continue to keep you our friends and customers at the fore front of our preparations. We will again have bidding via the conference call format we used last year, but will have the sale facility at the farm open for limited activity. All bulls and females can be viewed at the farm anytime prior to the sale. The complete details and sale outline can be found under the Bull Sale tab and in the catalog. We are super excited to be offering only Age Advantaged 18 month old bulls that have been so eagerly requested over the past 34 years. With the pivot of our breeding program to all fall calving, we are holding over all qualifying fall bulls for our spring sale. This provides for you our customer, a bull that can cover more cows and genetics that have been planned and honed for over 50 years. We are excited to provide pasture hardy bulls that are fescue tolerant, fit, docile and ready to go to work. We are excited to continue providing genetics from over 50 years of MAF genetic selection for cattle that thrive in Missouri and beyond.

            Our purebred Red Angus and Polled Hereford genetics still lead the way in producing high performing, grass-based genetics, unmatched in fescue country. These genetics continue to focus on tolerance to Missouri fescue, cattle that grow and thrive without creep feed or pampering, and cattle that exemplify docility and reproductive efficiency. We are super excited by the cattle we will be offering on the 27th  with genetics out of AI sires such as-LSF BRA No Worries, 3SCC Domain A163, LSF SRR Grand Prairie 7039E and MAF natural herd sires Mr Assurance T31 Z22, Mr Triology W10 B11 and Windrush 4056 Freedom 815F.  We will also be offering bred females out of the same genetics. 

            We are blessed again this year to have Lamine Valley Farms-Robert and Susan Felten and Spring Hills Ranch-Ron and Donna McNaughton bring some of their outstanding Missouri genetics to compliment our sale offering. We are grateful for the friendship and for their desire to raise outstanding Missouri fescue tolerant cattle!  We are looking forward to seeing many of you on the 27th and in the upcoming year. We trust that you and your families will continue to be blessed with Faith, Family and Farming!
     With Warmest Regards-
     Matt & Jennifer Boatright
     David, Mariah, Judah & Ephraim Boatright
     Hannah & Zach Shull

2021 Bull & Female Sale-
March 27, 2021

Genetics That Thrive On Fescue

Red Angus, Polled Hereford, Hair Sheep, and Meat Goats

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