The Family

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Family Legacy

Maplewood Acres Farm (MAF) is a multi-generational family farm. MAF was established in 1963 by B.L. & Mary Boatright just outside of Sedalia, Missouri on Pony Path Road. B.L. started raising Hereford cattle in high school as his FFA project and began expanding the herd when they moved to Sedalia. Red Angus were introduced in 1989 through the use of artificial insemination, and the first Red Angus bull was purchased at the Denver Stock Show in 1990.  Upon college graduation in 1987, B.L.’s son, Matt, returned to the family farm and began managing the pastures and livestock through intensive grazing. The first annual seed stock production sale was held in 1987 and is still held every March supplying both bulls and females for our customers.

Hannah and David
David and Hannah
David and his wife Mariah
David and Mariah

Today, Matt and his wife Jennifer own and operate Maplewood Acres Farm (MAF) with their two children, David and Hannah, and their daughter in-law, Mariah. David and Hannah are the third generation of Boatrights on the farm. David graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in December with his bachelors in Animal Science. He and his wife, Mariah, reside in Boonville on the farm he manages for AC Farms Investment LLC. David and Mariah welcomed their first child, Judah David into the family January 10, 2017. Matt, Jennifer and Hannah are thrilled to be grandparents and aunt to the fourth generation of Boatright! Hannah is currently a Senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia and is majoring in Plant Science. She spent her summer interning with Crop Quest in Montezuma, Kansas. 

Our family has been blessed with different skills, talents and passions, and together, we strive to blend these talents in order to be the very best resource managers possible.

Our Operation

Maplewood Acres Farm is a diversified grass based livestock farm covering 695 acres. We raise Red Angus and Polled Hereford breeding stock along with commercial Kiko/Boer/Texmaster goats and Hair sheep, in a management intensive grazing system (MIG). Breeding bulls and heifers are bred, raised, and developed on the farm and bulls and females are merchandised annually through a pen priced, open house bull sale. Commercial meat goats and hair sheep complement the pasture management system and are also merchandised for commercial seed stock. To find out more about the annual bull sale or other livestock for sale see our Sales and Events page.

What We Believe

Here at Maplewood Acres Farm we believe that God has entrusted us with the land and animals as stewards of His creation. Because of this, it is our goal to manage the land in a way that heals and restores it using the livestock as a tool to harvest otherwise inedible forage and convert it into tasty healthy protein. It is also our goal to raise animals that thrive in our environment without large amounts of supplementation. As an animal seed stock operation we desire to propagate only the best genetics and ensure our customers get animals that will work for them in their environments and specific operations.