Our Herd

At Maplewood Acres Farm our cattle are well adapted to our fescue environment. Our breeding and management programs are designed to produce seed stock that will increase the profitability of our customers’ cow herds. Our cows must be easy fleshing, breed back every year, have sound structure, and wean off a high percentage of their body weight seven months after calving, with no creep feed! We use management intensive grazing to utilize the natural resources available to us and to single out those animals that thrive without pampering; those that produce offspring which can prosper under real world environments and don’t fall apart when exposed to all types of production systems. 

Allow us to introduce a few members of our outstanding herd. Click on the I.D. number of any animal to view its EPD information on the Red Angus website.


Red Angus N75N75 is a perfect uddered, sound footed, easy fleshing 15yr old brood cow machine. She has produced many exceptional herd bulls that we have kept and used in our own herd along with virtually all of her impressive daughters that are still in our herd. N75 has stuck to her AI date all but three of her 14 years in production, had twins (two years ago) that she raised without suppplement and has calved in the first 35 days of our breeding season every year!! 


R8R8 is a powerhouse female who consistently produces top end performance bulls.  With several producing daughters in the herd, this is a cow family that maintains a deep body, are easy fleshing, have balanced udders and can be recognized by their uniformity.  


z22-2016                                      MAF MR ASSURANCE T31 Z22                                                                                      Z22 is a home raised herd sire out of Brown’s Assurance and the R8 cow family, who does it all. He has thick masculine features, impressive growth performance and easy fleshing ability, with moderate birth weight. As a yearling he bred 25 cows in the spring here at Maplewood Acres and then in the fall went to the Harold Bertz farm for fall breeding and gained weight without any supplementation. Z22’s calves continue to be the most uniform sire group, easily picked out in the pasture, he stamps them with style and productivity.


b11                               MAF MR TRIOLOGY W10 B11                                                                                     B11 is another home raised herd sire out of GMRA Trilogy 0226 and a LJC Mission Statement sired MAF cow W10. B11 is in the top 1% of the Red Angus Breed for ribeye, 17% for weaning and 16% for yearling with a stayability in the top 10%. He is a sure footed bull out of a deep and beautifully uddered dam. Just like Z22, B11 calves are stamped with consistency and easily picked out in the field. We are super excited to offer both male and select female offspring from this tremendous herd sire in our spring and fall sales.