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31st Annual Bull and Female Sale:                                                                                                         MARCH 24, 2018-Mark your calendars now for our next spring sale

The sale catalog is now online. Click here to view: 2018 catalog color

We are excited about this year’s offering and have several new sire groups as well as a number of exciting bulls from our Maf Triology and Assurance Sires.  The bred fall heifers have done exceptionally well and the open yearlings are right there as well. Feel free to stop by anytime to see the bulls and females prior to sale day and to join us for lunch and the sale on the 24th. We are blessed to be able to do what we love and to know there are future Boatright generations coming alongside to join us!!                                                            See you on the 24th!

2017 sale


1st Annual Sheep and Goat-Small Ruminant Sale!                                            October 7th, 2017 at 2:30 P.M. at the farm in Sedalia, MO

We had a tremendous turnout for our 1st Annual Small Ruminant Sale!! Thank each and everyone who came out to participate or just to visit. We are super excited about the future of our small ruminants, how they are helping to improve and manage the natural resources we have available and the synchrony of productivity with our cow herd.

Keep watching for information on our October 2018 sale where we will be offering even more selections of  Boer/Kiko/Texmaster nannies, doelings and bucklings, as well as offspring from our Katahdin/St.Croix/Florida Cracker hair sheep flock. 

All stock are broke to electric fence, livestock guardian dogs as well as guard donkeys and often are managed in the same pasture with the cattle in a “flerd”.

Our focus on our small ruminants is low-input no deworming, no foot trimming, easy keeping, pasture improving stock that benefit and enhance our cattle and land enterprises. For those who  don’t know-hair sheep require no shearing, they shed naturally! The goats, love brush, black locust trees, multi-flora rose bushes and poison ivy. Rotated with the cattle to optimize utilization of all of the natural resources available on our land, allows us to utilize multi-species grazing to promote better pasture management and natural fertilization.



 FALL YEARLING HERD SIRES-have all found new homes
We so appreciate those who continue to invest in our genetics. As the dynamics of agriculture continue to change and expand, we are grateful for the ability we have to produce seedstock that can adapt to these changes and make money for our customers. The genetic opportunities are vast and our goal is to provide those genetics that will thrive without adding input costs to our customers.
Thank you again for your faith in us-we are blessed to know each of you!

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