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IMG_1308 30th Annual Bull and Female Sale: MARCH 25, 2017-What an amazing day and sale we had. The rain held off until our sale was complete and virtualy every thing cleaned up. We then received a blessed 1 1/2″ of rain!! What a tremendous blessing and perfect end to our day.  We so appreciate each and every one of you who came and made the day complete. Whether you came to purchase or just to visit, you were a blessing to us. The day gets so busy we often don’t get to visit with you like we would prefer. But, please know we do appreciate and are so encouraged by your interest in our enterprise and your friendship. Thank you again for coming and we look forward to seeing you and your cattle in the years to come. 

2017 Sale:  

Great Grandma Mary and Mimi Jacinda with Judah


Hannah and nephew Judah Boatright

THANK YOU again to all who came and made our 30th Annual Sale a huge success!!  

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FIRST TIME offering: We will be having our first production sale for the Hairsheep and Boer/Kiko/Texmaster goats this fall. Our focus on our small ruminants is low input-       no deworming, no foot trimming, easy keeping, pasture improving stock that benefit and enhance our cattle and land enterprise.  

We will have a good selection of Boer/Kiko/Texmaster nannies and doelings, Katahdin/St.Croxi/Florida Cracker ewes and ewe lambs, Kiko bucks and Kiko/Texmaster Bucklings and Katahdin/St.Croxi/Florida Cracker ram lambs. Hairsheep and Boer cross wethers wll be available in fall 2017.  Check back for more detail or call for more information and prices.

For more information about our bull development go to our Bull Development page or Contact Us.