Our Passion

Our Vision/Our Passion

Cows, crops, and cover crops absolutely. On the left is a group of our girls eating some early spring cereal rye. This is just one example of many different cover crops that we at Maplewood Acres Farm utilize to improve the land we manage. We use cover crops to prevent soil erosion, keep crop soil covered, and produce nutritious forage. We use our cattle to trample the cover crops into the soil, building soil organic matter and mulch, or to convert the cover crops into natural fertilizer. By alternating grain crop and cover crop cycles on the land we are able to improve land health by increasing water holding capacity( which decreases run off and reduces the effects of droughts) and by increasing biological activity and organic matter content of the soil. The end result: better healthier land and better healthier cattle as we convert sunlight into edible protein while improving and protecting our natural resources.