Customer Testimonials

At Maplewood Acres Farm, we pride ourselves in providing quality products for our customers. Therefore, we are thrilled when our customers want to share their Maplewood Acres Farm success stories with others. The following operations bear testimony to the quality and dependability of our animals.

Tommy Summers-Green Hills Farm, Smithton, MO

We would like to introduce a very good MAF customer who has benefited greatly from selecting the very best Red Angus bulls, year after year.   Tommy is a hard working, sharp cattleman who routinely finishes his cattle on the farm or in western feedlots.  He has developed a set of mamma cows that perform on fescue and wean calves that perform in the feedlot.  His most recent load of steers and heifers, 62 hd, sold 1/31/2012 to National Beef and averaged 88% choice or higher.  Their live weight averaged 1276# and they brought $1,619.94 per head.  Tommy is experiencing the benefits of selecting top genetics year after year for his herd and utilizes the added information from EPD’s and ultrasound to make his herd selections. These cattle were QSA qualified at less than 20 months of age. 

Slim Green, Sedalia, MO

“At the spring 2012 Maplewood Acres Farm Bull sale, I purchased two young, herd ready Red Angus bulls.  They were hand fed daily at home until being introduced into a 50 cow herd (too many) for a 90 day breeding season.  During this period they endured severe heat and drought (extreme stress).  Upon being pulled from the cows I had Sedalia Vet Center semen test each bull, and both, in spite of the harsh breeding conditions, showed excellent semen count and motility.  The cow herd had a 10% open rate.  My family has purchased bulls from several sources in the past, but the bulls bought from Maplewood Farm have proven to be our best choice for docility, productivity, and pounds delivered to market.”