Bull Development

Birth to Weaning

cover 2009a (2)Our breeding bull development philosophy is simple, effective, and proven to yield the best possible results for your next herd bull purchase. Our calves are born and raised on pasture and their mother’s milk. To prevent the masking of genetic defects in growth or maternal traits, we do not use creep feed or other pre-weaning supplements. At weaning, approximately seven months, the calves are removed from their mothers and placed in a grass paddock for fence line weaning with electric fence. They quickly learn not to touch the two strands of electric wire that separate them from their mothers. Fence line weaning reduces calf stress and highlights the calve’s gentle disposition. Their exposure to electric fencing at a young age also cements in them a respect for all fences; a respect that will remain with them even as mature bulls.

Developing “Fit” Herd Sires

B29B36At approximately nine months, they are placed in a fourteen acre fescue field and hand fed a limited pelleted ration twice a day. Hand feeding enhances human interaction with the bulls and further encourages the development of a quiet disposition. The bulls are developed in this field until our annual sale. Feed, hay and water are all placed at opposite ends of the field to ensure maximum exercise and muscle tone. This style of management is a sharp contrast to the “fat bulls in mud lots” style of bull development that greatly limits exercise. By giving the bulls plenty of exercise we give up some average daily gain and yearling weight; however, our bull buyers reap the rewards of hard muscled, sound, physically fit bulls that do not melt away when turned out with the cows. We believe this recipe for bull development is the very best for our bull buyers as it better prepares these future herd sires for success in covering the bull buyer’s cow herd. See our Sales and Events page or Contact Us for more information about our bulls for sale March 2018.  Two of our outstanding offerings in our 2018 sale: